Getting the right foundation for your child/children’s education is the key to a thriving future. Our Grades 8 – 12 learning provides a solid base to prepare for tertiary education. We have been educating young minds since 1992 when our doors first opened.

Vector Students in Library

We promote appropriately expressed individuality in every learner

Practical learning

We encourage our learners to be responsible for their own education.

Bright Sparks

We seek to inspire self-awareness and enhance self-esteem through acceptance.

Balanced Schooling

We seek to provide an environment that balances academic excellence and social development

Affordable Education

We provide affordable quality education, preparing your child (children) for a better future.

Expressive Learning

We offer a new dimension education that enables our learners to express their love for learning.

Admission at Vector College Grade 8 Students
Senior Phase (Grades 8 - 9)

A new journey begins as you start a new phase of your high schooling; a foundation upon which you build your future.

Admission at Vector College Grade 12 Students
FET Phase (Grades 10 - 12)

You’ve built a solid foundation upon which your future stands. The this is the big school of higher learning.