Thank you for your interest in Vector College. We are truly honoured that you are taking the time to learn about our school – an institution where your child/children are able to prepare for their future.

Vector College Grade 8 Students
Senior Phase (Grades 8 - 9)

Welcome to senior phase learning, a new journey in your high school experience. This is the foundation upon which you build your future – one that is filled with adventure and possibility.

As you embark on this new learning journey, prepare to be challenged and tested to reach your highest potential.

Vector College Grade 12 Students
FET Phase (Grades 10 - 12)

You’ve built a solid foundation upon which your future is positioned. This is the next big step in your high school journey. At this stage, your skills will be sharpened to prepare you for a career of your choice.

Our aim is to prepare you for a successful future, filled with endless possibilities and opportunities. Your future begins now.

Quality CAPS Trained Educators

We follow the CAPS Curriculum strictly, as set out by the national policy developed by the Department of Education that provides the requirements for the curricula of schools for each grade in South Africa including how schools conduct their assessments and examinations.

The implementation of CAPS means that textbooks come with a detailed teacher’s guide that gives a week-by-week breakdown of what needs to be covered for each subject in each grade.

This is commendable for levelling the learning pace in private and public schools as it means detailed work schedules, answers and strategies for teaching each subject are included in the textbooks. The difference between private and state schools is the approach to teaching, student-teaching ratio, supplementary material created and provided to students and the way that the CAPS curriculum content is assessed and examined.

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Prepare for your future with us.