School Fees

The cost of quality education has increased over the years, as a private institution with a public purpose; we make it affordable and provide your child/children with the opportunity to prepare for their tertiary education and careers.

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Affordable Education

Quality private education often comes at a high cost, our affordability does not compromise on the quality of education. Making an investment into your child’s/children’s future should never be a burden on your finances.

Our fee structure is designed with this goal in mind, affording your child/children the opportunity to acquire education at a reasonable cost.

Flexible Payment Plans

We offer a monthly and annual plan – with savings of up to 10% on the annual payment plan. Contact our administration office for a detailed breakdown of the year’s academic fee structure.

For more information on our affordable school fees and quality education, contact our administration office for more information.*


  GRADE 8&9  GRADE 10  GRADE 11  GRADE 12
OPTION 1 (PAYABLE IN ADVANCE BY 1 MARCH) R 12,000.00 R13,000.00 R 14,000.00 R 14,800.00
OPTION 2 (10 MONTHLY PAYMENTS AND 9 MONTHLY PAYMENTS FOR GRADE 12) R 1,300.00 R 1,400.00 R 1,500.00 R 1,850.00

NB: Registration for the 2022 academic year is R1,150 for New Students and R1,000 for Returning Students.

* Terms and Condition apply. School fees pricing depends on what grade your child (children) will be enrolling for.

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