Vision and Mission

Vector College strives to provide an educational environment that contributes to the restoration of the culture and value of education in South Africa.

At the heart of our vision, is the desire to see your child/children grow and reach their highest level of potential. Our staff members and faculty go out of their way to evoke the best version of learners such that each classroom encounter is a learning experience to groom and prepare your child/children for the future.

Vector Students in the Library

Mission Statement

  • To foster ethical & visionary leadership that filters throughout our institution.
  • To recognize the uniqueness & value of all staff and learners.
  • To bolster learning and development, in a secure and supportive environment.

We provide a leading-edge academic experience and we are committed to assisting all of our learners in becoming individuals with strong character traits.

Our Core Values


It is our expectation that all learners and educators exhibit a high standard of reverence towards each other. Furthermore, in all interactions, in and outside the classroom – learners will respect educators and visa-versa.

Our value of respect extends to our parents/guardian and other members of the school staff with the understanding that we are all unique in our ideas, beliefs, cultures, personal situations, resources, values, priorities and objective.


One of the most important things we can teach and impart on our children is a strong sense of responsibility. At Vector College, we maintain that responsibility goes hand in hand with confidence and self-worth.

With this value, our learners and educators are able to make rational and moral decisions on their own – character traits that are exceedingly valued in the world.


We provide an environment where learners, educators, parents and support staff may express themselves with full honesty.

It is with this value that we encourage openness with respect to the views and opinions of learners and educators. Clear and direct communication is essential in establishing an environment of respect and honesty within the school.


We value kindness, as it changes the lens by which we see the world. It is the compass by which we expect all decisions to be conducted.

“UBUNTU” demands us to be humane, compassionate, tolerant and sympathetic to people around us, we expect this from our staff and learners without compromise. It is who we are and what we stand for as a school