FET Phase (Grades 10 - 12)

You’ve built a solid foundation upon which your future depends. FET Phase is the “big” school of secondary learning, where your skills are sharpened to prepare you for a career of your choice.

Our aim is to prepare you for an exceptional future with endless possibilities and opportunities. Your future begins now!
Admission at Vector College Grade 12 Students

Plan and Details

FET Phase learners are preparing themselves for the great leap into tertiary and higher learning. At this phase, learners want to grasp the core foundation of what will determine their choice of studies at University, College or other Institution of Higher Learning.

It is at this phase that we focus on subject choices that are aligned to the learner’s career interests in Commerce, Humanities or Sciences.

Why Us?

Grades 10 to 12 form part of the FET learning phase where learners must decide on subjects that correlate with their career interests. The foundation from Senior Phase, along with career guidance advice provided during the enrolment process, equips learners to make these choices with ease.

At Vector College, we provide our learners with tools and skills to assist them in selecting subjects that most correlate with their interests, taking into account their career choices.