Senior Phase (Grades 8 - 9)

An exciting journey begins as you embark on a new phase of your life, in high school. This will become the foundation upon which you will build your future, with great anticipation, we welcome you to senior phase learning.

It is at this phase where we build a foundation for an exceptional high school learning experience.

Admission at Vector College Grade 8 Students

Plan and Details

Senior phase learners have one intuitive aim: self-development. They desperately want to develop their skills and ability to cope with a new experience in their learning journey.

It is at this phase where we build a foundation for a great high school learning experience.

Vector College Student Life

Why us?

Grades 8 and 9 form the foundation for higher learning. The ability to seamlessly transition from primary school to high school is crucial for the development of your child/children.

Vector College makes this possible by providing an environment that is ideally suited to your child’s/children’s transition into a new learning environment.

We seek to strike a balance between academic development and personal growth for your child.